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CURLS - Smoothing Cream

CURLS - Smoothing Cream

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What it is:

Smooth, moisturize and shine your curls with nature’s ultimate blow out cream. Cocoa Butter and Babassu Seed Oil combine with glycoproteins (sugar cane) to nourish and soften curls for long lasting smooth hair.

      Key Benefits

      Adds shine
      Blow dries smooth

      Suggested Usage

      Apply a generous amount to damp hair and blow dry smooth
      Use for dry detailing

      What It Is Formulated WITH

      Natural Preservatives with Rose Ether
      Natural Cleansers with pH 4.5 to 5.5
      Vegan Protein
      Sugars,Corn & Vegetable Starches
      Babassu,Palm,Flax & Argan Oil
      Natural Aromas
      Natural Color
      Essential i\llicro Minerals
      Botanical Extracts

      What It Is Formulated WITHOUT

      Animal Protein
      PVPNA Plastic
      Heavy Oil
      DEA and TEA

      What Else You Need To Know

      This product is cruelty-free

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