Opening an account with Vantage Distribution, is only a few steps away.
Simply fill out one of the applications below and email to info@vantagedistribution.com  

If you would like to speak with our Customer Care Department, please Contact Us.


Please select one of the two account application forms below.
Once complete, email the signed application to info@vantagedistribution.com  


  1. Select one of the following Account Applications:
    1.  Application for Approved Credit Account  
    2.  Application for Account - Chair Rental
  2. Once your desired document has opened, click the download button in the top right corner
  3. Save the PDF file to your computer
  4. Open the PDF file you saved to your computer
  5. Once your application is opened, click the ‘Edit’ tab then click ‘Manage Tools'
  6. Under 'Forms and Signatures' there will be an option for 'Fill and Sign'
  7. Select the first section of the document to fill out and a text box should appear to allow you to type your information
  8. Continue this process until the application is completed
  9. For the signature, simply select 'Sign' option (it looks like a pen)
  10. Select the option to ‘Draw’ your signature
  11. Once this is done, click accept and move your signature to the proper place on the application
  12. After the above steps are completed, you can save your application and attach it to an email
  13. Email your account application to info@vantagedistribution.com with the SUBJECT TITLE: New Account Application (Your Business Name Here)