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Available in both Straight, Offset, and Left-Handed. Offer includes Design Master Thinners and Texturizers.

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Kasho Design Master Series

Kasho Design Master Series

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What It Is

The KASHO Design Master series offers the most beautiful workhorse shears you’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Yes, they’re incredibly sharp, and thanks to their semi-convex/hollow-ground blades, they offer a durable edge that you can count on.

Right-handed and left-handed models available.

Offset, right-handed: 5.0”, 5.5”, 6.0”
Straight, right-handed: 5.0”, 5.5”, 6.0”
Offset, left-Handed: 5.5”, 6.0”

Key Benefits

These reliable shears come in both straight and offset handle styles, in both left- and right-handed models, as well as a range of the most-wanted blade lengths.

Design Master series blades are made of premium Japanese VG-10W stainless steel, the most advanced version of this Japanese “super steel.” Choose Design Master for premium materials in a beautiful and well-balanced shear that won’t break the budget. Your scissors holster will thank you.

Right-handed and left-handed models available.

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How Design Master Helps Stylists Master Their Designs

Extended time between sharpenings

With blades made of premium Japanese VG-10W stainless steel, Design Master forged shears stay sharper for longer, so you can cut more and sharpen less

Razor-sharp cutting edge gives you ultimate control

Design Master’s semi-convex/hollow-ground blades offer an edge that is much sharper than standard shears, while still providing durability

Left/right? Straight/offset? Find the right shear, right here

Design Master’s straight handle works well for stylists who cut with the middle finger and thumb; the offset handle position reduces overextension of the thumb for an ergonomic grip; choose left- or right-handed models

Adjust Design Master’s tension with a twist

KASHO’s ratchet-screw system makes it easy to adjust the tension of your shears when needed, no tools required, just feel the gentle ‘click’ of the ratchet to tighten or loosen the tension of your shears

Tang? Your choice

The Design Master tang is removeable when you don’t want it, easy to reinstall when you do

Make an easy, confident purchase

Your shears are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, plus your first sharpening is FREE

The Ultimate Edge For Pros

Every Kasho Shear is handcrafted in Japan of premium Japanese steel and inspected for quality for every step of the way - from Japan to your salon

  • OFFSET - Right Handed




  • Straight Right Handed




  • Offset - Left Handed



  • Thinning & Texturzing

    8 Tooth Chunker

    15 Tooth Texturizer OS

    30 Tooth Thinner OS

    38 Tooth Blender OS

    30 Tooth Thinner

    39 Tooth Blender