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PRORITUALS - (AV) (P) Super Lift Series

PRORITUALS - (AV) (P) Super Lift Series

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Super Lift Series

PRORITUALS - (AV) (P) Super Lift Series

What it is:

PRORITUALS Cream Hair Colour is a single line concept: Semi, Demi, and Permanent Hair Colour options in one tube, It is the only colour known for patented ChromaPrism™ technology. ChromaPrism™ technology allows for deeper, longer-lasting colour results that help condition the hair. 

Super Lift Series:

  • 12AV Super Lift Ash Violet Blonde
  • 12P Super Lift Pearl Blonde
  • Formulated to lift for 45-55 minutes; an additional 10 minutes can be added for more refinement
  • Super Lift Series can be used with 20 & 30 Volumes when more control and refinement is needed
  • Maximum lift will not be achieved with this option
  • To achieve maximum lift, use 1:2
  • 1 part High Lift or Super Lift with 2 parts developer
  • Up to 5 levels of lift with maximum tonal control
  • We recommend adding 1 tb s. (5 grams) of Prorituals Dream Oil to your Blonde Formulas. This essential Fatty Acid Blend will replace moisture that is taken from the hair during the Lightening or Highlighting process. 

     Key Benefits:

    • Low Ammonia with coverage and tonal series 1.0 %–1.8% (High Lift and Super Lift have slightly higher Alkali)
    • Low to zero odor
    • Double pigment system provides the maximum amount of available dye at every level, in every tone without losing calibration
    • Extremely soft texture
    • Colour calibrated and tested on 70% (white hair) salt and pepper
    • Blended tones and pure tone options
    • The interaction between precious herbs, essential oils of Mediterranean Macchia, and innovative, high-quality pigments result in vibrant, rich colours that offer 100% coverage on white hair
    • The gentle cream contains conditioning and lenitive components for superb shine and softness
    • The precise balance of this formulation ensures stabilized colours, less fading, and continued brightness
    • PRORITUALS Hair Color Cream contains a double pigment system. This gives the colorist the maximum amount of available dye at every level, in every tone without losing calibration.

    Suggested Usage:

    • For professional use only
    • Please read instructions prior to use
    • 10 Volume to 20 Volume Grey coverage options
    • Mixing ratio is 1:1 (20-45 min) High-Lift & Super Lift ratio is 2:1 (20-45+ min)
    • International level system

    What it is formulated WITH:

    • The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of Helichrysum, Rosemary Oil, and Urtica Dioica (Nettle) protect hair during the colour treatment
    • Eucalyptus and Artemisia give hair beautiful, healthy, long-lasting shine
    • Conditioning and lenitive agents provide moisture and softness
    • The gentle formula combined with selected pigments develop into intense, balanced, vibrant colour

      What else you need to know:

      • This product is cruelty-free

      Key Benefits

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