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IT'S COLOR PEROXIDE- Cream Developer

IT'S COLOR PEROXIDE- Cream Developer

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What it is:

Fully stabilized developers. Available in 5 different volumes and can be used for It's Color Permanent Color. 

  • Maximum, long-lasting stability
  • Fast-acting
  • No swelling
  • Compact cream, pleasant fragrance
  • It contains cosmetic and protective substances
  • Available in 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes
  • Creamy emulsion

Available in:

  • 0 Volume
  • 10 Volume
  • 20 Volume
  • 30 Volume
  • 40 Volume

    Key Benefits

    Allows colorists to achieve the proper amount of natural hair color lift while developing color

    Suggested Usage

    For professional use only
    Please read instructions prior to use

    0 volume peroxide
    To increase shine
    To dilute other peroxides creating
    Intermediate volumes

    10 volume peroxide
    To darken
    To lighten up to 1 level
    To repigment 1:1

    20 volume peroxide
    To darken
    To lighten (1 or 2 levels)
    To cover grey hair

    30 volume peroxide
    To lighten (2 or 3 levels)
    To cover “difficult” grey hair
    To exalt the hair reflexes

    40 volume peroxide
    To lift 3 or 4 levels
    To lift up to 4/5 levels with super & ultra
    Blonde shades

    What It Is Formulated WITH

    It contains cosmetic and protective substances

    What Else You Need To Know

    Artego It’s Color is the premium color product your clients will love. It provides complete coverage for intense and brilliant results, plus maximum protection of your skin and hair integrity. Easily create the perfect look with 111 color shades available for mixing. Plus 9 additional super & ultra blond shades, 2 extra blonding creams, 3 intensifiers, and 1 neutral. To see more information mixing Artego It’s Color view our mixing style guide here.

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    Permanent Cream Color

    Rich Color Results

    100% Grey Hair Coverage

    No Staining

    No Scalp Irritations

    Maximum High-Lift (Up to 4/5 levels)

    Low Ammonia Content

    Higher Pigment Concentration

    Multi Pigment Color System

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    It's Color COOL BLONDES

    These 11 shades provide the trendy cool ashy tones that are highly requested by clients. They include blue, green, and violet bases that will liven up blondes and counteract unwanted tones.

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    Creamy, emulsion specific formula for mixing with It's Color Permanent Color.

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