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It's Color (M) Special Maroon Series

It's Color (M) Special Maroon Series

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 Cream Based Permanent Color

  • Rich color results
  • 100% grey hair coverage
  • No staining
  • No scalp irritations
  • Maximum high-lift up to 4/5 levels

Special Maroon Series

From level 3 to 7, it adds a brown warm reflex. Good grey hair coverage.

Key Benefits

Low ammonia content
Higher pigment concentration
Multi pigment color system
Milk & coconut oils, amino acids and oligominerals
Amphoteric molecules
Conditioning base
Consistent and balanced performance

Suggested Usage

For professional use only
Please read instructions prior to use

What It Is Formulated WITH

Creamy emulsion composed of demineralized water, mineral oils and coconut oils, kept firmly together
by surfactants and emulsifiers thanks to their double polarity, hydrophilic and lipophilic. Furthermore,
we find vegetable and mineral origin elements next to special synthesis molecules that:
• Contribute to release (together with ammonia) the maximum possible quantity of hydrogen peroxide
from the developer inside the color mix, so that pigments are completely oxidized and colored (up
to 99%).
• when compared to many competitors, the ammonia level is adeguate enough in each level to oxidize the
color molecule.
• Enrich the hair with hydrating, softening and structure preserving substances, such as some amino
acids precursors, purified lanolin, mineral oils, milk and coconut oil.
• Balance the hair throughout its length from an electrochemical point of view (thanks to an amphoteric
Considering the ingredients that are used in the base cream formulation, we can state that It’s Color
ensures maximum protection and cosmeticity; it makes the hair healthy and shiny with natural and
uniform color results, from root to tip. The choice of a fluid cream as vehiculating agent, easily penetrating
the strand and firmly sticking to the hair, makes mixing and application easy.
Sourced from renowned international companies and subjected to constant quality control:
• Balanced and accurate formulations that maximize their function avoiding squandering and overlapping
that may matte color’s final result.
• Poised mix of 8/15 different pigments for each shade (while competitors use 4-8 on average), that
give color personality, uniqueness and profundity, for a Mediterranean sunny color taste.
• The attention we use to prepare the pigment mix ensures us unique and original reflexes, really
close among them and to the natural series, but different enough that the customer can tell them
apart (alternative natural: bronze .41, special browns .7 and .71). This way the professional
colorist can offer valid and diverse color proposals to those customers who want an innovative yet
It is used in the strictly needed percentage for every level (30% less than competitors), and it has been
chosen as alkaline substance, essential in a color mix, thanks to its volatility (it stays on the hair as little
time as possible). Some more information:
• We use a pure product, not a derivative of previous manufacturing cycles;
• The mixing with It’s Color O2 peroxide ensures quick volatility right from the preparation step;
• It’s Color works perfectly even in a slightly alkalin environment (pH 9/10)
not eccentric color.
• Minimum dimension of the pigments molecule prior to oxidation.
For all these reasons It’s Color ensures precise and accurate color results (when compared to the
color chart), with significant reflexes right from lower levels (for instance, 3.7). Pigments penetrate in
depth in the cortex and this ensures the best color durability, while their oxidation (up to 99%) during
developing time makes color stable and accurate, loyal and identical over and over.

What Else You Need To Know

Artego It’s Color is the premium color product your clients will love. It provides complete coverage for intense and brilliant results, plus maximum protection of your skin and hair integrity. Easily create the perfect look with 111 color shades available for mixing. Plus 9 additional super & ultra blond shades, 2 extra blonding creams, 3 intensifiers, and 1 neutral. To see more information mixing Artego It’s Color view our mixing style guide here.

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Permanent Cream Color

Rich Color Results

100% Grey Hair Coverage

No Staining

No Scalp Irritations

Maximum High-Lift (Up to 4/5 levels)

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These 11 shades provide the trendy cool ashy tones that are highly requested by clients. They include blue, green, and violet bases that will liven up blondes and counteract unwanted tones.

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