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BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS - Toner Infused Gel Colour

BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS - Toner Infused Gel Colour

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BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS - Toner Infused Gel Colour

What it is:

Use colour to lift colour and eliminate the step of repigmenting, achieving expert, natural haircolour results in one process. BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS offers controlled lifting action that won’t overlighten or produce unwanted tones.

Lifts up to 7 levels through natural or colour treated hair and deposits permanent haircolour in a single process. 

Key Benefits:

  • Specially formulated to lift up to 7 levels through natural or colour-treated hair and deposit permanent hair colour in a single process
  • 5 gel colours mix to create 19 highlight shades
  • Never requires more than 20 volume developer
  • Colourist-controlled lift ensures accurate results
  • Maintains the integrity of hair leaving it silky, shiny and conditioned
  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS is part of Scruples’ 3 Dimensional Customized Gel Colour System which also includes High Definition and Shadow Lowlights.

Suggested Usage:

  • For professional use only
  • Please read instructions prior to use

What it is formulated WITH:
Scruples’ Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®)

  • Mucopolysaccharides: adds moisture-binding qualities to keep hair flexible, healthy and shiny
  • UV absorbers: helps protect hair from environmental damage and colour fade
  • Hydrolyzed cationic proteins: provides hair with strength, body and volume
  • Silicone conditioners: promotes shine for healthy, conditioned hair
What else you need to know:
  • This product is cruelty-free


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