BLOW DRYER - Infrared Blow Dryer

  • Sutra Infrared Hair Dryer. Black and Rose Gold.


BLOW DRYER - Infrared Blow Dryer


BLOW DRYER -  Infrared Blow Dryer

What it is:

A professional hair dryer that gently heats the hair from the inside out resulting in the repair of damaged and processed hair.

Gentle IR heat helps prevent tangles and split ends. Hair is dried with less heat in 50% less time. Preventing long exposure to heat that damages the cuticle results in voluminous, healthier looking hair with incredible shine and long lasting hair color.

Key Benefits:

  • Honey-Comb Ceramic Coil
  • Ultra Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Three Adjustable Heat Settings
  • Two Speed Settings with Cool Shot Feature
  • Light Weight Design
  • .95 lbs
  • 9ft Cord
  • The honeycomb shaped ceramic coil focuses the gentle heat and air velocity.
  • The ceramic coil does not overheat providing a comfortable dryer for the stylist that holds the dryer by the nozzle while doing a blow dry.
  • Virtually all EMF radiation emitted by the heating coils is dissolved by the ceramic element.
  • The honeycomb ceramic heating element provides 40% energy efficiency.
  • The BD2 dryer uses only 1200W of energy to produce the same heat and airflow of a regular 2000W dryer.
  • The Brushless BLDC Motor is the newest technology in dryer motors is super light and has an incredible long life expectancy.
  • The motor provides the air flow power of a regular AC dryer with the weight of a DC dryer. The BD2 IR dryer weighs only 430 grams.
  • The brushless motor emits no carbon dust.

    What else you need to know:

    Sutra Beauty was established by a passionate group of hair professionals who sought to create top of the line products at affordable prices. By constantly considering customer feedback while looking for new ways to advance technology, Sutra Beauty has become the leader in hair styling innovation and is the brand of choice for hairstylists all over the world. 


    This product comes with a one year warranty.