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PEROXIDE- Cream Developer

PEROXIDE- Cream Developer

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What It Is

Key Benefits

Allows colorists to achieve the proper amount of natural hair color lift while developing color

Suggested Usage

We recommend all colors, as well as Blonde.ID Bleach, to be mixed in a non-metallic bowl with a REF Cream Developer, using a non-metal whisk for smooth results. As with any color, mix in a well-ventilated area. The processing time and mixing ratio will depend on product, hair color, porosity and condition of the hair. It will also depend on the technique used, the volume of hydrogen peroxide and how many levels will be lifted.

Our Cream Developer with Peroxide 10 VOL/3% is perfect for the same level color service, deeper/darker deposit color or toning. Delivers 100% deposit and up to 1 level of lift.

For professional use only
Please read instructions prior to use

What It Is Formulated WITH

Strengthening quinoa: it has among the widest natural range of amino acids derived from nature. It also assists in the the repair, protection, shine and conditioning of the hair.

Color preserve system: hand selected natural ingredients derived from sunflower seed oil combined with cutting edge, anti-fade technology.

What Else You Need To Know

This product is cruelty-free

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    Bleach for professional use to achieve the perfect Freehand and Balayage result with 8 levels of lift.

    REF Balayage Bleach has a flexible texture with a powerful grip, ideal for detailed hair painting. Can be customized according to the desired technique of the colorist.


    High level bleach for professional use to achieve the perfect blonde result with 9+ levels of lift.

    Blonde.ID High-Lift has a creamy, soft texture that can be customized according to the desired technique of the colorist.


    ProPlex can help reconnect and repair broken disulphide bonds within the hair. With a specifically developed formula, ProPlex contains a concentration of 6 active ingredients.